Core Drills & Hammer Drills


Core Drills



Hilti DD 150-U 


Weighs 8.2kgs

516mm L x 129mm W x 159mm H

3 gears

450mm max drilling depth

Wet and dry operation

Stand available - 953mm H


Drill bits available:





Make, Model & Specifications may  vary

Wet drilling for setting large-diameter anchors & reinforcing bars
 PPE Required:    Dry drilling in masonry for pipe penetrations in plumbing, heating & air conditioning installations & for chimney & stove installations
   Wet drilling in concrete for pipe penetrations, cable trays & ducts



Hammer Drills



Hilti TE 50-AVR


Weighs 5.8kgs

Rotation speed 5500 tours/min

3180 impacts/min

5.2J impact energy

700 cm3/min chiselling performance

11.4 m/s triaxial vibration value for hammering into concrete


Make, Model & Specifications may vary

 PPE Required: Drilling anchor holes and through-holes in concrete and masonry
  Drilling holes for rebar dowelling
Corrective chiselling
  Drilling wood and metal applications




Hilti TE 7A


Weighs 2.9kg

Rotation speed 1050 tours/min

4980 impact/min

1.8J impact energy

4-12mm drilling diameter

710W input power

11 m/s trixial vibration value for

concrete hammer drilling


Make, Model & Specifications may vary 

 PPE Required: Drilling holes in concrete and masonry
  Light chiselling on brick or blockwork
Corrective chiselling and light finishing on concrete




Hilti TE 6-S


Weighs 2.7kg

Rotation speed 1200 tours/min

4-12mm drilling diameter

4600 impacts/min

1.8J single impact energy

13.5 m/s trixial vibration for hammer drilling into concrete



Make, Model & Specifications may vary

 PPE Required: Everyday hammer drilling in concrete, masonry and natural stone
  Precision hammer drilling setting for drilling into concrete, masonry, tiles and stone
Occasional drilling in steel, wood and plastics using optional chuck adaptor
  Driving screws using the optional bit holder




Hilti SID 22-A


Weighs 1.5kg

22 volt

1000-2500 tours/min speed

1/4" hexagonal tool chuck

3 gears

165 Nm max torque

3 torque increments


Make, Model & Specifications may vary

PPE Required:   Driving HUS screw anchors up to 6mm in masonry and concrete
  Driving 8mm and 10mm HRD frame anchors in masonry and concrete
Driving self-drilling and self-tapping screws up to 4.8mm in steel
  Drilling in wood with WDB-S spade bits
  Drilling in metal with HSS hex-shank drill bits up to 6mm in diameter




Hilti SIW 22T-A


Weighs 1.5kg

22 volt

1000-2300 tours/min speed

3 gears

200 Nm max torque

3 torque increments


Make, Model & Specifications may vary

 PPE Required: Driving 6mm and 8mm HUS3 screw anchors in concrete
Driving screws in HRD frame anchors 8mm to 10mm in diameter in masonry and concrete
Setting HSA stud anchors in the sizes M8 to M12 with the S-TB torque bar
  Tightening and releasing nuts and bolts in the sizes M6 to M16





Gas Nail Gun

Weighs 3.7kg

Power 85J max

Fastener intake 84 nails

50-90mm fastener length

384mm L x 134mm W x 381mm H


Automatic piston return


 Make, Model & Specifications may vary  Applications:
Wood framing for stud walls and roofs
PPE Required: Timber structures
   Wall and roof panelling
Temporary formwork