Concrete & Chasing Saws



Concrete Saws




Disc diameter 400mm

Disc cutting depth 185mm

Wet or dry operation

5.2 m/s trixial vibration value for cutting concrete slab



Make, Model & Specifications may vary  Applications:
PPE required:  Cutting curbstones and paving stones
   Cutting sewer pipes and ducts
Making small openings or breakouts 
  Cutting asphalt
  Cutting metals






185mm disc diameter

Rotation speed 6500 tours/min

60mm cutting width

60mm cutting depth

Dry operation

620mm L x 275mm W x 185mm H


 Make, Model & Specifications may vary  Applications:
 PPE required:  Quick, neat chasing for cable conduits and pipes in electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning installations
   For use on concrete, sand-lime block and brick